Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Wheel of Internal and External Struggle

Andrew's extensive internal and external journey proves to be as circular and connected as the sacred mandala. The spokes of the faded bike wheel intersect and overlap in order to demonstrate the relationship to the entire existence of the wheel. Each separate wire serves a distinct purpose; one cannot support the bike alone but they each equally distribute the weight. This is similar to the importance of each aspect of Andrew Pham's identity. Each piece is as important as the previous piece, and this is something that he is able to recognize at the end of the memoir. He is able to reconcile different aspects of himself and he sees that the answer to his question is within his own internal self, rather than the external journey that seemingly dominates the entire memoir. His journey imitates the journey of life: circular, unified, and purposeful. The external, physical journey parallels the internal quest he is experiencing. His answer is his own self-acceptance. It is intangible, yet he is able to reach it by the wheels of his spiritual journey.

By Anna

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